Custom Made T Shirt 
Custom Made Uniform
Type of Fabric

1) Lacoste / Pique
  • Lacoste / Pique is a knitting style, which has distinct hole-like patterns. These patterns can be the shape of diamonds and honeycombs.
  • It is suitable for Polo or collared t-shirt. Widely used for company uniforms, semi-formal and formal working wear.

  1. TC Lacoste ( 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton )
  • The ideal choice of material because of its price, readily available stock & durability. Give people the executive look because of its stiffness.
  • It is most suitable for commercial & promotional use. Widely use for company uniform, corporate gift & events attire.

  1. CVC Honeycomb ( 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester )
  • The next choice of fabric which can provided you a improved comforts & softer hand touch yet maintain its durability.

  1. Cotton Honeycomb ( 100% Cotton / 0% Polyester )
  • Best in term of comfortable & quality, widely use on branded polo t-shirt which you can buy from the departmental store.
  • Get wrinkly easily & suitable for occasional use only.

2) Single Jersey / Single Knit
  • Single Jersey or Single Knit refers to a type of fabric usually found on the typical Round Neck t-shirt. It has a smooth surface, with no patterns. It is suitable for Round Neck t-shirt & V neck t-shirt. Good for casual, mass events and youths.

  1. TC Single Jersey ( 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton )
  • The ideal choice for commercial & promotional use because of its price, readily available stock & durability.
  • Widely use for school sport attire & uniform for manufacturing sector.

  1. CVC Single Jersey ( 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester )
  • Recommended if you are looking for a more comfortable material to wear on.
  • Round Neck t-shirt & V neck t-shirt are most appropriated.

  1. Cotton Single Jersey (100% Cotton / 0% Polyester )
  • Without a doubt, it is the best in term of comforts & quality. There are few grade of Cotton Single Jersey which classified by the degree of combing process. The Combing Process is the Chemical & Physical Process which go through the fabric to eliminate thread fibre which emerge on the surface of the fabric.

Here we listed out 3 basic type of Cotton Single Jersey,
i) Cotton Carded - Raw Cotton without go through the combing process 
ii) Semi Combed Cotton Cotton which go through the basic combing process
iii) Fully Combed Cotton Cotton which go through completed combing process

3) Microfibre
  • Microfibre fabric is most commonly mistaken as Dri Fit / ClimaCool & etc. They look & feel the same. The function of Dri Fit or ClimaCool is to absorb sweat, making you feel dry and fresh. However, the common Microfibre has no such properties, it is washed with chemical to behave like the real thing. Although it has no such properties, yet can give you a shinny & premium look yet relatively affordable in term of pricing.
  • Become more popular in Malaysian Community, especially used in promotional events & occasional activities. It is suitable for both Collar & Round Neck t-shirt. For sporty and trendy image.

  1. Microfibre Eyelet
  • Recommended because it is always available and provide a large selection of colors.

  1. Microfibre Interlock
  • Recommended because of its smooth texture on surface. Suitable for printing purposes. Always come with large selection of colors.

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