Why Corporate Uniform is Great Solution for your Companies

Corporate uniforms often fall into the category of ‘important’ but ‘not urgent’ and whilst most companies understand the importance of this investment it can often be left as the last task to implement. If you look at some of the major brands and any of our banks I'm sure you’d agree that their uniforms enhance their brand, set them apart from their competitors and create a sense of team pride.

In a survey recently conducted, 70% of employees said they would prefer to wear a uniform to work. Uniforms usually fulfil two major objectives. One is branding and building customer confidence. The other, which is equally, if not more important is building confidence within a team. We all know that a company is only as strong as the people behind it.


1. Uniform gives every employee an opportunity to look their best!
  • Whether you are in administration or management, a unified look/uniform gives everyone an opportunity to show up to work looking and feeling their best. This is so important in boosting individual confidence.

2. Employees spends less time deciding what to wear to work
  • Most mornings we stare at our wardrobe wondering what to wear, and asking ourselves what is appropriate. By implementing a uniform you are taking this stress away from your staff, freeing them up.

3. Employees look more professional
  • Let's face it, some of us don't have a handle on what corporate wear is all about and how to do it well. Creating a uniform look for your team ensures your front line staff always look professional and are representing your brand well

4. A uniform will immediately establish a professional business image that attracts and helps retain customers
  • This is especially important for client facing staff. A well put together uniform speaks to the customer in a way that gives them confidence in the brand and service offerings

5. Uniforms work as a form of advertising and enhance the brand
  • Companies spend a fortune on advertising and marketing. What better way to promote your brand than have your team wear something that promotes who you are and what you stand for.

6. Uniforms promote team spirit and a sense of belonging, in turn improving productivity
  • Can you imagine a sporting team playing their match and winning a grand final without wearing a uniform. It's clear that a team uniform (whether on or off the field) is the winning approach - creating productivity and developing a sense of team spirit.

7. Saves money
  • Good quality corporate clothing can be expensive! Investing in a quality uniform upfront will save money for staff in the long run. Whether the company chooses to supply all or part of the uniform, staff can salary sacrifice their contribution where appropriate. This means staff are not required to spend ongoing money on work clothes, keeping up with latest fashion trends.

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