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Jersey types may vary widely. But jerseys can be categorised into three main types:

Collared Dri Fit Jerseys
Round Neck Dri Fit Jerseys
Plain Jerseys

For sports jersey printing, both collared dri fit jerseys and round neck dri fit jerseys are commonly used. But there are certain sports that prefer to have a particular type of jerseys.

Sportsmen playing indoor sports like badminton and table tennis generally like to buy Collared Dri Fit jerseys.
Soccer Players buying Soccer Jerseys and often prefer round neck dri fit jerseys.
Netball Players buying Netball Jerseys like round neck dri fit jerseys more. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports!
Basketball Players like to have Basketball Jerseys which are tailored like singlets.

Dri Fit Jerseys (Round Neck)

Microfiber Tshirt QD0428
Microfiber Tshirt QD0424
Microfiber Tshirt QD0426
Microfiber Tshirt QD0430
Microfiber Tshirt QD0415
Microfiber Tshirt QD0413
Microfiber Tshirt QD0469
Microfiber Tshirt QD0405
Microfiber Tshirt QD0402
Microfiber Tshirt QD0407
Microfiber Tshirt QD0400
Microfiber Tshirt QD0410
Microfiber Tshirt QD0473
Microfiber Tshirt QD0406
Microfiber Tshirt QD0408
Microfiber Tshirt QD0401
Microfiber Tshirt QD0404
Microfiber Tshirt QD0470
Microfiber Tshirt QD0478
Microfiber Tshirt QD0412
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3628
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3629
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3630
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3643
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3666
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3601
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3602
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3604
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3605
Microfibre Dry Fit QD3607
Dri Fit Round Neck QD3631
Dri Fit Round Neck QD3633
Dri Fit Round Neck QD3635
Dri Fit Round Neck QD3637
Dri Fit Round Neck QD3640
Dri Fit Round Neck QD3644
Dri Fit Round Neck QD3652
Dri Fit Round Neck QD3616
Microfiber Jersey QD3801
Microfiber Jersey QD3805
Microfiber Jersey QD3807
Microfiber Jersey QD3813
Jersey Microfiber QD4224
Jersey Microfiber QD4266
Jersey Microfiber QD4269
Jersey Microfiber QD4270
Jersey Microfiber QD4200
Jersey Microfiber QD4202
Jersey Microfiber QD4205
Jersey Microfiber QD4208
Microfiber T Shirt QD4308
Microfiber T Shirt QD4324
Microfiber T Shirt QD4330
Microfiber T Shirt QD4300
Microfiber T Shirt QD4301
Microfiber T Shirt QD4302
Microfiber T Shirt QD4305
Microfiber T Shirt QD4602
Microfiber T Shirt QD4605
Microfiber T Shirt QD4613
Microfiber T Shirt QD4628
Microfiber T Shirt QD4600
Jersey Dri Fit QD5201
Jersey Dri Fit QD5205
Jersey Dri Fit QD5208
Jersey Dri Fit QD5273
Microfiber Jersey Round Neck Tshirt (DF38)

Microfiber Jersey Round Neck Tshirt (DF36)

Microfiber Jersey Round Neck Tshirt (DF42)

Microfiber Jersey Round Neck Tshirt (DF4346)

Microfiber Jersey Round Neck Tshirt (QD36)

Microfiber Jersey Round Neck Tshirt (DF52)

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