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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What product do you have?
  • Ready Made Round Neck T-Shirt, V-Neck T-Shirt, Collar T-Shirt, Polo Tee, Sport Jersey, F1 Shirt & Uniform.
  • Custom Made Round Neck T-Shirt, V-Neck T-Shirt, Collar T-Shirt, Polo Tee, Sport Jersey, F1 Shirt & Uniform.
  • You can customize every part of your t-shirt such as t-shirt sleeves, t-shirt length, collar, cuff, rib, placket, button, zip, pocket, pen pocket, tag line, bottom hem and so on.
  • You can also choose different fabric material & fabric color for your Custom Made T-Shirt.
  • We provide all the sizes for our Custom Made T-Shirt which start from XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, up to 7 sizes to fit everybody in the planet.
  • The logo or artwork can be added on to the t-shirt by embroidery, silkscreen printing and heat transfer as well.

What type of T-Shirt Printing do you have?
  • Heat Transfer Printing ( Ultra Print / Hybrid Print )
  • Direct To Film Printing DTF
  • Screen Printing
  • Emboidery

What is the difference between custom made and ready-made?
  • Ready made T-shirt is made based on our predetermined design & produce in huge quantity per design. The design might not as unique as the custom made t-shirt, however the advantages for ready made are, they can be ordered in much lesser quantity as low as 1 pieces per order. This is suitable especially for small group people who wish to order in smaller quantity.
  • Custom made t-shirt & uniform is tailored according to the customer needs. Therefore, customer will have their own unique t-shirt which can distinguish themselves from the other competitor. Wearing your own uniform not only adding a professional image to customer but also represent your company image & spirit.

What type of fabric do you have?
  • You can choose from various type of fabric for your Custom Made T-Shirt such as, 100% cotton, Lacoste, Honey Comb, Super Lacoste, Pique Honey Comb, Cotton Interlock, Micro-Fiber and etc.

What cutting do you have?
  • For Custom Made T-Shirt, we have Men's normal cutting, Men's body fit cutting, Ladies normal cutting & Ladies slim cutting.

Do you have cut & sew design?
  • Yes, We have created some cut & sew designs for Custom Made T-Shirt. Customer can choose from this existing design or tender their own design to us by email. Our latest cut & sew design will be updated from time to time when it is available. For existing designs, customer can view through the link below,

What is the color available?
  • We have more than 20 colors to choose from for the Custom Made T-Shirt. Of course, you can have your own special color too, we can special dye for you. Minimum quantity policy (1000 pieces) applied.

What is your minimum quantity?
  • For Ready Made t-shirt, minimum order is 30pcs.
  • For Custom Made t-shirt, the minimum quantity is 100 pieces per order.
  • Price vary based on quantity ordered.

How to obtain the quotation?
  • Customer can call us for some general inquiries. For more complex price inquiries such as Quotation for Custom Made T-Shirt, customer is encouraged to email their design and details in order to obtain a more accurate quoting. Normally, your email regarding the price inquiries will be replied within 3 working days. For urgent order, please quote urgent in your email or call us directly.
  • Please provide sufficient information to enable us to produce the quotation. Price Inquiries without sufficient information will be bypassed.
  • For details, please refer to the following section,

How long it takes for the production and delivery lead time?
  • Depend to the quantity and complexity of the design, the delivery period varies from 3 working days to 30 working days upon confirmation of the order.

When should I contact the t-shirt supplier?
  • We suggest you can contact your t-shirt supplier 1 month or earlier from your delivery deadline. Based on our experiences, the time for discussion is always longer than the production time. Most of the customer will not confirm the design & material at the first time. It may go through a few sample preparation process before the management can confirm the final design. Customer may also need to consider the time to process the payment. Account & Finance department may need 1 - 2 weeks to process the deposit payment. Try to contact your t-shirt supplier as earlier as possible & allow them to have at least 1 month for the production time and everything can be peace of mind.

What is the mode of payment?
  • We accept Cash , Cheque/Bank draft or Online Payment from Bank.
  • All non-cash payments should be crossed" Account Payee" and made payable to Wescott Trading.

Account Name : Wescott Trading
Account Number : 8603 099 010

Do you take the deposit & how is the final payment upon collection of goods?
  • Yes, the 50% deposit will be collected from customer before the production begin. Upon collection of goods, customer will need to pay the balance before we hand over the goods. To avoid any delay, customers are reminded to stand by the final payment upon the date of collection.
Do you provide door to door service and order taking?
  • Yes, we do provide door to door service and order taking for the confirmed bulk order. However, at the stage of discussion, we prefer to communicate through email, phone call or whatsapp.

Can you send us the sample material?
  • Yes, we can courier or send you the sample material for bulk order. Please make a call to check with us the availability of the sample material.

Can we visit your business address to place the order?
  • Yes, you can visit our business address to view the samples, make a discussion and place the order. Kindly contact our sales manager, Wesley Ng via email or phone call to fix an appointment so he can standby at our business address to meet you. 

Can we propose our own design?
  • Yes, you may propose your own design for the Custom Made T-Shirt. We will quote you based on the complexity of the job & quantity ordered.
  • If you want an easy way, just choose from our Existing Custom Made Designs. Just switch to your prefer color & add-on your logos. Easy & Fast.

Why do you require vector images?
  • Vector images are made out of lines and shapes. This helps us when we need to separate colours or cutting line. Each shape that has the same colour is separated from the image. This can’t effectively be done with a bitmap image when printing with spot colours.

What does “convert fonts to outlines” or “embed fonts” mean?
  • Fonts aren’t automatically transferred with a vector file when it is created in a program like Adobe Illustrator. When using fonts in the program, the text is linked to a font file located on your computer. If that text is not converted to shapes or outlines or “embedded”, in the program, when you send that file to us if we don’t have the font installed on our computer the font you have used will be substituted for a different font that is installed on our system.
  • To get around this, you need to convert fonts to outlines or embed the fonts. To do this in Adobe Illustrator you can right click on the text and choose “Create Outlines” alternatively if you go to Type>Create Outlines or finally you can use the hotkeys Shift+Ctrl+O. This will convert all you type to shapes and it will transport within your file.

I have something urgent & needed to printed today. Can you help?
  • Sure, We can! We offer an emergency rushed turn-around service to handle the urgent jobs that you needed to be already done by now.
  • These types of jobs will incur additional fees, which you will be informed at the time of requesting a quote or placing your order.

Can I supply my own Stock?
  • We perfer to supply the stock as this means we can controll the garment & print quality allowing us to garantee our work.
  • If you supply your own stock, please understand there is a 3% reject rate. We will make every effort to reduce the number of rejects, mistakes can still happen. We will not be held responsible for replacing rejects and customers need to over supply by a minimum of 3% if full stock is required for there order.
  • Suppliers of own stock are required to check all stock before printing. We will not responsible for the mistake due to damaged stock, short supply, print size not matching stock or any other printing related reason.

Will there be size deviations in actual garment produced when compare to the marker?
  • Yes, usually will be within +/-0.5” to +/-1.0”. Many hand-made procedures are involved in textile (uniform, apparel) production process, thus we cannot compare textiles products with those products with high accuracy (e.g. digital products, the quality mostly will be regarded as good if it is functional). Customer has to understand such size deviation must exist during the production process.

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