How to Care your Hotel Towels

It doesn’t matter if you buy quality white towels, lasting color bath towels or a combination of the two if your hotel doesn’t know how to care for them properly. While you can’t do much to prevent a determined guest from taking a towel, you can train your staff to prolong the life of your property’s towels by teaching them how to care for them appropriately.

When you’re teaching your employees how to care for your towels, remember to discuss the following tips:

Wash Towels Before First Use:
It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to coat new towels with a fabric softener to make them look fluffier on shelves and in catalogue pictures. Unfortunately, this can negatively impact a towel’s ability to absorb water. As a result, it’s generally a good idea for your staff to wash new towels before they are made available to guests. It’s also wise for your staff to avoid using fabric softener in subsequent washes and to make sure the detergent they use doesn’t have a built-in fabric softener. If you buy lasting color bath towels, the first wash also provides an opportunity to set their colors. Simply add some white vinegar to your load of colored towels to help set their colors and prevent them from running.

Wash With Like Colors:
Because colors sometimes run despite your best efforts to prevent them from doing so, your staff should wash towels that have similar colors together. Dark blue towels should be laundered with other dark blue towels, and yellow towels should be cleaned with yellow towels. If you wash both shades together instead of keeping them separate, you’d risk having your lighter colored towels end up with blue splotches or streaks if the blue towels’ colors ran.

Use the Right Amount of Detergent:
Use the right amount of detergent for the load they’re washing. Using excess detergent is not only wasteful, but it can also result in your towels feeling stiff or scratchy if they’re not thoroughly rinsed. Since towels will absorb excess suds, the use of too much detergent can also cause towels to have a buildup of bacteria and mold if the towels are not detergent-free at the end of the rinse cycle.

Wash & Dry Towels With Towels Only:
Different fabrics are usually made with fibers of varying lengths. When short fibers rub against longer fibers, the friction causes pills to appear in the fabric made from the longer fibers. To avoid damaging your towels, wash them with other towels made from the same material exclusively. Even if your property’s cleaning towels are made from the same material and are the same color as your guest towels, avoid washing them together. The chemicals your staff uses to clean your hotel are absorbed by your cleaning towels, and they can damage your guest towels if you wash both types of towels together.

Shake Towels:
It may seem premature, but you should shake out your towels after you take them out of the washer and before you put them in the dryer. Doing so will shake out the towels’ loops, which will increase their absorbency and keep the towels fluffy.

Cut Loose Threads:
Ask your staff members to look for loose threads as they launder your property’s towels. If they notice a towel has a loose thread, instruct them to cut it off to prevent it from causing a pull in the towel. If the thread has already caused a visible pull, take the towel out of rotation and dedicate it to another purpose such as cleaning.

Dry With Low Heat:
Using a low temperature to dry your towels can help prolong their lifespan. High heat can damage or shrink a towel’s fibers, compromising its absorbency and thus its long-term usefulness.

Make Sure Towels Are Dry:
Make sure your property’s towels are completely dry before remove them from the dryer. Even slightly damp towels can develop smelly mildew quickly.

Rotate Towels:
Rotate the towels that you make available to your guests. If you have seven sets of towels per room, you should consider using one set for each day of the week. By using each set of towels less often, they won’t have to be washed as much. This reduced wear and tear will help your towels last longer.

If you’re looking for high-quality, long-lasting hotel towels that your guests are sure to love, contact us today. Our generous selection of wholesale hotel towels includes premium white towels as well as vibrant, lasting color bath towels that are as luxurious as they are affordable. If your property is going through a renovation, we can help you find the perfect color scheme to complement the new look of your rooms. If you already know exactly what you want, we can help you find it in our inventory.

We’re standing by to help you find the towels that will give your property the look and feel your guests will enjoy the most. Just as importantly, we’re ready to help you get that look and feel as affordably as possible by offering discounts when you purchase a certain volume of towels in a single order.

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