How to Choose Quality Towels

If you work for a hotel brand, you may be required to order a certain type of towel to maintain the integrity and consistency of the brand overall. However, you might enjoy the liberty of picking any kind of towel that you think will appeal to your guests the most.

Choosing long-lasting towels involves many factors, including how much you can afford to spend. When budgeting for towels, remember to leave an allowance for attrition since you’ll have to replace towels for a variety of reasons such as wear and tear and theft. Once you’ve identified how much you can spend to buy lasting color bath towels and premium white ones, it’s time for you to determine the towels you want for your establishment.

Whether you’re going to buy wholesale hotel towels or you’re going to shop at a local boutique featuring hand-crafted towels, you should consider a few other things before you purchase a single towel or make a bulk purchase for your hotel. One of the most important things you should think about is how long it’s going to take dry the towels. Towels that take less time to dry will help you keep your energy costs lower than towels that take longer to dry, but they may not offer the soft feel and absorbency your guests have come to expect.

Factors that impact how long it takes for a towel to dry

  • Pile refers to a towel’s loops. In general, towels are either single or double loop.
  • While both single and double loop towels are absorbent, single loop towels don’t take as long to dry as double loop towels do.
  • Compared to single loop towels, double loop towels are denser and have a more luxurious feel.
  • If a towel doesn’t have loops, it’s going to have sheared fibers that almost look like grass on the surface of the towel.
  • Towels with cut fibers are generally softer than towels with loops, but they’re normally not as absorbent.

  • GSM stands for “grams per square meter,” which is a measure of a towel’s density.
  • In general, the higher a towel’s GSM is, the more absorbent and plush the towel will be.
  • The denser a towel is, the longer it will take to dry.
  • Many hotels use bath towels that have a GSM of 600 or higher.

How a towel is made can impact how long it lasts, so it’s necessary for you to examine the construction of the towels you’re going to buy. Towels that are double-turned with double-stitched edges aren’t as likely to fray as towels with woven edges are. This means double-turned and double-stitched towels are likely to last longer than towels with woven edges.

You should also look at the weave of the towels you’re thinking of purchasing. Towels are made from ring-spun, combed or twisted materials. Cotton towels made from ring-spun fibers are typically the softest and most durable because the yarn used to make them is stronger and smoother than the yarn used in alternative weaving methods.
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